A Character Speaks

scary manIt wasn’t supposed to be like this.  She should have stayed with her angel and not thought twice about me.  I’m no good for her or anybody for that matter.  Who did she think I was anyway?  Girls like her need to stay faraway from killers like me.  We make terrible boyfriends.  Every time I look into her eyes, I want to kill every male for a hundred miles. Slit their throats and gut their bellies like a pig on a slab.  And the winged bastards?  They’re first on my list.  I’ll have every wing that even thinks about touching a hair on her precious head.  She’s better than them.  Better than all of us really. But I can’t let her love me.  Heaven’s price on my head is greater than all of the gold in Fort Knox, and hell’s flame burns hotter for me everyday.  And by God, I won’t let her follow me there.  Not for anything in the world.


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