Getting Back Into The Groove


So as my small group of followers know, I’ve been on a writing hiatus for the past couple of days.  Well, not a complete writing hiatus.  I’ve written things here and there, just not in my book.  As I was cleaning and rearranging my home office, I started thinking about my story.  I realized that maybe I needed to add more character information to the beginning and the middle to give the reader more time to “care” about my protagonist.  There’s nothing like reading a story and not bonding with the character.

If we were to think about To Kill A Mocking Bird’s Scout Finch, for example, we know that her mother died, her father is a lawyer, she’s a tomboy, she’s close with her brother, and they are deathly afraid of the Radley house.  We know that she has a bad temper and gets into fights with little boys at school.  Had Harper Lee not painted such a spunky, vibrant picture of this little girl, we wouldn’t have cared or connected with her and certainly would have forgotten about her when we closed the book.

My point?  I think it is a good thing to put your writing down for a few days. Taste it, savor it, swallow it, digest it, and come back to it with a fresh outlook.  For me, it has given new light to some weaker areas that I would have otherwise ignored.

Another thing that helped me get back to the novel was talking to my husband about the plot and character development.  He has some fantastic questions and suggestions.  I was so excited to write again that I almost left the office a mess and started writing right then and there!  Find a writing partner or just someone to throw ideas around with and see how quick it will spark new interest within yourself about your book.  Of course pick someone who is trustworthy and honest.  You will want to listen to their critique and learn what they like and what doesn’t make sense to them.  After all, they will represent what your future reader might be thinking.

Also, I’ve been thinking about posting a few scenes and maybe even chapters on here to get your feedback.  I’d love to hear what people think.  Until then, happy writing everyone!

Stuck Between Laundry And The Next Chapter

It has been four days.  Four days since I last laid eyes on my novel.  Our relationship is on the rocks, you see.  One night just before I went to sleep, I jotted down several ideas for which direction I wanted the story to go. Who was going to say what and so forth. The following day I woke up with a gleam in my eye and jump in my step.  I typed and typed and typed.  But like always, the light of inspiration only stays for so long.  Then its gone.  Like a birthday candle on a cake.  From beautiful flame to blown out to thrown away. I lost the momentum after two days of writing.  I’m no quitter though.  I forced words on the page, made characters say and do things.  But it was garbage.  They weren’t talking anymore.  I was. So I put it away, or saved the file rather.

I’ve tried to say I’m sorry about losing the excitement, but the novel hasn’t forgiven me.  Yet.

So what do I do in the meantime? Laundry.  Dishes.  Cook.  Sweep.  Sleep.  Eat.  Watch a movie with the family.  Anything to clear my mind and wait for that inspirational jolt to slap the stupor off my face.

I started reading a book.  Many published authors have said that reading feeds the writer like gas feeds a car.  Makes it move from one point to the next.  And I love getting lost in someone else’s world.  It takes me away from the laundry and the dishes and sweeps me up to somewhere else. Louisiana in the late 1700’s if you were wondering.

I read an article written by blogger/personal enthusiast Dave Navarro who tackles the wretched “writer’s block” in his post titled “5 Clever Ways To Keep Your Muse On Speed Dial“.  I think I’m going to try a few of his tips if not all of them.  And maybe the novel and I will make up.  I hate relationship drama.