Staying On Track

Finding time to write is not always an easy task.  And for writers like me, it can sometimes feel like the world is dead set against you writing a single sentence.  So to increase my writing pace, I’ve decided to try the Magic Spreadsheet.  I found out about this tool listening to the podcast “I Should Be Writing”  hosted by Mur Lafferty.  Oh, and if you aren’t listening to Mur, you should be.  Anyhow, the Magic Spreadsheet works by writing a minimum of 250 words a day.  By doing this, you can write a novel of 90,000 words in a year. No excuses!  Also, there is a point system.  You earn point for writing at least 250 words and a point for writing consecutively each day.  If you want to try it with me and the rest of Mur’s listeners, all you have to do is find the instruction tab on the spreadsheet, read it, and then find an empty line to add your name. Happy writing!




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