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Griffyn Elliott

Photo Story Challenge: Wrought Iron Gate

I took this photo in September of last year somewhere in southern Georgia. I was driving down a winding, pot hole ridden road when I saw this black wrought iron gate peeking through some thorny underbrush. Behind the gate were five crumbling headstones. Only a few of them legible. Here’s the challenge: Write the beginning of a story with this photo in mind. Genre and word count doesn’t matter. I’m just curious to see what my friends can come up with! Good luck!

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  1. Forgotten… like the small plot of headstones belonging to a family that had long since died out, the golden-haired child wept as she rested beside the cold iron gate.
    The chill of the Autumn wind rustled the leaves around her as she thought she heard someone whispering her name. “A-n-n-a-b-e-l.” Slowly looking around, she saw no one. Then, this time it was unmistakable. “A-n-n-a-b-e-l.” Rising to her feet, Annabel watched in disbelief as a ghostly figure began to emerge from the ground beneath her feet. Springing backward, she turned to run towards the surrounding trees, when she was suddenly pulled downward. With no strength to fight, the weary child knew it was no use…they had found her again.

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